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PCB Themes for Android

I have recently been playing around with the Sense 2.1 + Gingerbread (aka GingerSense) ROMs, and had to of course port (and improve) my original PCB Sense Theme from days ago. I have been testing it myself for quite a few days, and I'm finally happy with how it turned out, so I wanted to offer it up to all GingerSense XDA users.

Couple of things to note:

  • This design was meant to be close to stock for those who actually dig the Sense scheme, but want something unique
  • The file is a 7.7mb signed .APK created using apk-manager 4.9 for Sense 2.1...I may make a Sense 3.0 port if there is enough demand (need to play with .m10 editing still)
  • It is installable on HDPI devices only by simply copying to your device and running, and is uninstallable by Titanium Backup, or applying another Skin in Sense, and highlighting PCB Sense, then MENU --> DELETE...it doesn't appear in "Settings --> Applications", but why would you want to uninstall it anyways?
  • I have edited a poopload of images with utmost care and attention to detail including those precious draw9patch ones
  • The tricky thing with the draw9patch is to have a pattern get 'stretched/repeated' without looking crappy...I believe this may be one of the few Sense themes out there which attempts to skin >90% of resource images (I may be wrong, but still)
  • I tested (and approved of) this theme on my Desire (Bravo) running LeeDrOiD v3.3.1 and InsertCoin GB
  • The font used in all screenshots is "Ubuntu", however "Storopia" also compliments the skin nicely
  • The font used to make the custom clock widget is "OPTICBOT"
  • This theme took me about 55-60 hours to complete
  • I've seen some other mods/ports of my theme before, and while I am a believer in sharing and caring, it would be nice if you asked/PM'ed me before using my theme for any other purpose than your own enjoyment. I'm a nice dood, I promise, and it's good to give credit where it's due!
  • If you'd like to buy me a beer, coffee, or any other kind offering to say thanks, it's greatly appreciated and I will thank you personally... (Donate link is in my post profile)

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