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Theme Chooser version is READY!

5/25/2012 03:38 PM by scar45 :: Comments

Hello everyone, I just wanted to post a very quick update to let you know that the Theme Chooser (T-Mobile) version of PCB Blue has finally been completed, and is now live on the Google Play store for about the price of a coffee.

This is being posted in the AOKPCB section because I know that a lot of users have asked for it, and I wanted to ensure everyone knows (also, please tweet/share where you can!). While we would love to have everyone on AOKPCB, we are crackflashers ourselves, and understand how exciting it can be to flash a plethora of ROMs to one’s device. This market-version of PCB Blue should then be able to go with you from ROM to ROM, whichever ones support the T-Mobile / CM Theme Engine.

Also, do note that users of AOKPCB will have the PCB Blue theme included by default, however updates might be a little bit slower as they will only be applied when a new AOKPCB Official Release is ready. It is my way of trying to give everyone a chance to use PCB Blue even if Google Play is not available to them, or any kind of other issue like that.

It has been tested with AOKP, CM9, Gummy, and a few Tablets, of which a bit more work is needed on my side to get up to snuff. I will surely be working on the Tablet UI version (which is technically integrated into the one market APK), but in the meantime, I have actually just pushed out an update which takes care of a few issues and adds more styling.

Once again, and I will probably ALWAYS say this, I sincerely appreciate the support you folks give when purchasing the theme. It has been worked on for years and years, but until now, has never been able to be put in the market.

I hope everyone enjoys the work we do with AOKPCB and the PCB Series of themes, and please stay engaged and get involved with our project if you haven’t already!

» Find the PCB Blue Theme Chooser version here!

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