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The State of AOKPCB

7/24/2012 11:00 AM by scar45 :: Comments

I apologize for not keeping everyone informed. As it stands now, the plan is to get a final R3 (ICS) release out, however our repo is currently borked (I know, just before the last ICS release!). We’re trying to get it fixed up (remicks is really, he’s great with our builds), but hopefully that will happen soon. Afterwards, it’s kind of up in the air for what we’re going to do with JB. remicks and I have started working on Project FNV, which is a different type of ROM, being built by the community, however there is still a chance that we will make AOKPCB the way we like it, and keep Project FNV true to it’s goal of being a community ROM.

It’s obviously a LOT of work to maintain two ROMs, including websites, social media efforts, etc., but we’re doing our best. We really love giving back to the community in this way, and it is more than amazing to hear good feedback. At the very least, when Theme Chooser arrives on Jelly Bean ROMs, you’ll be able to use my PCB Themes as I will port them over ASAP. Again, I would love to keep AOKPCB going, however the team still has to discuss this past our plans for an R3 ICS release.

Hope that kind of clears the air a bit, and please don’t consider this to be a “we’re quitting” message. Life is crazy for many people, and lately things are no different for most of our team. We hope you’ll understand, and keep watching this Mini-site, and its RSS feed for future updates!

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