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PCB Series v1.3 has arrived! More goodies included!

8/4/2012 07:18 PM by scar45 :: Comments

It just doesn’t stop! I’m always trying to improve my PCB Series of themes so those of you who purchased them can have a worthwhile investment of less than $2 ;) Well, I have just pushed v1.3 to the Play Store, so it should be hitting your device(s) soon. Here’s what’s new:

v1.3 - August 4, 2012

  • Created NEW custom battery icons for non-1% modes
  • Styled the navbar in supported ROMs (AOKP)
  • Added coloured toggle icons (new NFC)
  • Semi-styled MMS / Messaging app again (limited by theme engine)
  • Fixed keyboard ‘hint’ text colour in supported ROMs (top right numbers on top row keys)
  • Fixed keyboard background on tablet UIs
  • New preview images in Theme Chooser

I am always reading the Play Store reviews for each colour, and likewise, always trying to make the changes/improvements that are requested. For this version, the battery icons are freshly designed from scratch which should make the default battery icon (in ROMs like CyanogenMod) quite a bit nicer than stock (I hope!). Also, in regards to the MMS / Messaging styling, I ended up having to reverse my ‘dark’ look because Theme Chooser cannot ‘hook’ into every aspect of the MMS app, so I could not change certain text colours. I ended up going with a ‘light PCB’ theme, and I will always try to improve this as time goes on.

Two last new additions to the themes are the Navigation Bar background, and keyboard ‘hint’ key text colour. These were both committed to the AOKP Gerrit recently, so if they don’t appear to work on your ROM, you may want to ask your ROM dev to merge in the following changes: Move keyboard letter colors from styles.xml to new colors.xml to allow for Theme Chooser theming AND Make nav bar background themeable for theme chooser apks.

I hope everyone is liking the updates, and please comment on the main PCB Series page if you’d like. Thanks very much for your support by purchasing my themes!

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