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Today we bring you our second Official Release! This has been about a month in the making and includes all of the changes from our Nightlies. You’ll also notice that there are MANY more devices that we now build AOKPCB for. Please continue to give us feedback as we are building these ‘blind’ (we don’t have the actual devices), so tester feedback really helps.

Note that you should perform a full-wipe, as there have been some core changes. You could try a dirty-flash, but we wouldn’t recommend it for R2.

The changelog below contains everything that has been added to R2 of AOKPCB, and as it stands, R2 is based from AOKP Build 37 (+ newer commits).

Thanks to testers and everyone who gave feedback!

Change Log:

  • Latest AOKP Merges from AOKP Gerrit
  • Latest CM9 Merges for applicable tracked repos
  • Added New Lockscreen Music Controls (MarcLandis)
  • Added Selectable 2-8 Target Lockscreens (Pick how many you want!) (SteveSpear)
  • Added AOKPCB Wallpaper App (cr5315)
  • Added PCB Live Wallpaper (work-in-progress)
  • Added AOSP Music player from source
  • Added Glitch inline kernel building for SGS series phones (captivate/galaxys/fascinate/vibrant) (sixstringsg)
  • Added custom boot sound to go with 8-bit Boot Animation (credits for boot sound: “The Scene Is Dead”Dubmood^RAZOR1911)
  • Added File Manager (built from source)
  • Added DSP Manager (built from source)
  • Added Dev Tools (built from source)
  • Enabled Purgeable Assets (better ram management) and Sleep Mode (power saving)
  • Updated to Latest Apex Launcher
  • Updated to latest version of Terminal Emulator
  • Fixed 3g/4g data issues on stingray
  • Fixed vibrantmtd is now building again
  • Fixed tf101 SystemUI FC when lowering DPI (this is not verified yet, we need confirmation please)
  • Merged “T-Mobile Theme Engine” which allows for user-selectable themes similar to the old CM7 utility
  • Updated About Phone info and ROM Manager info to reflect AOKPCB/Team Broccoli
  • Updated build naming to reflect R2 Official release
  • Removed MusicFX (conflicts with DSP Manager)
  • Removed Nova Launcher
  • Removed Trebuchet (Tablets)
  • [PCB Theme] Styled the LatinIME keyboard
  • [PCB Theme] Styled the slider toggles (system-wide)
  • [PCB Theme] Added new softkeys with ‘PCB spotlight’ effect
  • [PCB Theme] Added PCB icon for “Themes” within Settings
  • [PCB Theme] Removed navigation bar background for compatibility with Theme Chooser version
  • [PCB Theme] Fixed null/no-signal icon (was originally stock icon if you didn’t have reception at all)
  • [PCB Theme] Fixed a few HDPI issues with Popup/Dialog boxes and Bottom Menu graphic glitches
  • [PCB Theme] Fixed a few notification pulldown images to be more flexible to custom toggle/weather/etc. layouts

Downloads for: R2 – Official (b37)

» mirror for R2

Codename Device Download MD5 Checksum
(right-click to download)
captivatemtd Samsung Captivate Download 7cd2f09b7885712a5e5396bd44e7d5c2
crespo4g Samsung Nexus S LTE Download 8bcfb1ddb2a901d5308feace5ad38a98
crespo Samsung Nexus S Download 94c53d0057043802aebedf17c4a8d527
espressowifi Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 – 7” Download e9faf383e6500f05496fa5ae23969894
fascinatemtd Samsung Fascinate Download c6ad9b486e7a3875a321d565538ace82
galaxysmtd Samsung Galaxy S (i9000) Download f488a59501f4e33290faf8e1295e54d7
inc HTC Incredible Download b0389059c9a5dc32c9b53dcaad5b0069
maguro Samsung Galaxy Nexus GSM Download 2a7d3e22eec19986bfdf5eb6503ff395
otter Kindle Fire Download f0f5c75a13aadccca841c51c603f2fc5
p1c Samsung Galaxy Tab 7” – Verizon Download 9cad829d3dffb09eefe02397ff752382
p4vzw Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1” – Verizon Download 1f1c844dc683f427fdbd6ede5bc0a0ba
p4wifi Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1” – Wi-Fi Download 28a0c970c4ba68edfa8c7f3f4583616e
p4 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1” – 3G (P7500) Download 91f37d3a89eb3d1cd80a4108c3fdb4fc
p5wifi Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9” – Wi-Fi Download 5062f1cac1be727a8d5bd323eea02073
p990 LG Optimus 2X Download 1a438a547b21d068516b942bbbb159c1
p999 LG G2x Download 47b173907f9b321ae9d4cc320f9e9ce6
picasso Acer Iconia A500 Download ac68a7b09633986ff1d0f76bd598e247
pyramid HTC Sensation Download 1026c53d4bd51c2ce5d07eb7f442575b
stingray Motorola Xoom – Verizon Download 25f8981839490dbd463ff5f07c040214
supersonic HTC EVO 4G Download e9f720b78534cdfc89e297e7c72c2ebf
tenderloin HP Touchpad Download d284b1432c485ffe22454d9327a25262
tf101 ASUS Transformer Download d30adb70a20d8f058f344cded721a04f
tf201 ASUS Transformer Prime Download d8906bca43793f1de8f69c7d636aad1f
toroplus Samsung Galaxy Nexus Sprint Download a7ce512be7c80e08d757820e9d738d9c
toro Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE Download f877e5f2bd18bd699cc54d9e862a192d
vibrantmtd Samsung Vibrant Download a017a422a0565720cc722f3947509177
ville HTC One S Download 7ebd7f9d75256c6379693b1d48a81941
vivow HTC Incredible 2 Download 928b6d3c2ef59200d3c62371aaebd299
wingray Motorola Xoom – Wi-Fi Download fa409f93209e130cc9b385371086a9c7
gapps gapps-ics-20120429 Download 7c524e1e078164f681e0aa6753180b2c

» mirror for R2

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