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Changelog for ALL Nightlies


  • Goo.IM support finished, you can now use GooManager to download AOKPCB nightlies/officials from the “Browse Compatible ROMs” section.
  • Latest AOKP merges (Linaro not included)
  • We may or may not be merging linaro into the AOKPCB build cycle, this will depend on further testing.


  • Nothing big, just latest AOKP merges and integrated GooManager app


  • R2 Beta Release!!! We’re almost there folks!
  • Removed Nova Launcher
  • Removed Trebuchet
  • Updated Terminal Emulator to newest version
  • New Lockscreen Music Controls
  • Latest AOKP merges
  • Updated About Phone info and ROM Manager info to reflect AOKPCB/Team Broccoli
  • Updated build naming to reflect R2 Beta release
  • Please test this build as much as possible, I would like to squash any bugs I can in the build before releasing R2. Nightlies will stop for a few days while this release is tested, if any bugs arise they will be squashed in test builds among our test group. Thank you for your patience.


  • A whole bunch of post-build 37 fixes for tf101 and other devices from AOKP gerrit & more AOKP merges (see gerrit.aokp.co for more info)
  • Added AOSP Music app
  • Re-added Apex Launcher


  • Latest applicable AOKP/CM9 upstream merges
  • Removed CM Music (for now)
  • Updated Nova Launcher, removed Apex (for now)
  • Theme improvements
  • Updated version to build 37 to sync with AOKP build structure
  • Fixed naming scheme of zip files to end confusion about build number
  • Most cherry picks have been merged now, still using inline kernel building on SGS phones (captivatemtd/galaxysmtd)
  • A bunch more stuff I can’t remember right now, but all of it is good!


  • Removed prebuilt AOKPCB Wallpaper app in favor of source built
  • Merged latest AOKP commits (jpeg-turbo & SwagPapers included!)
  • Merged applicable CM9 commits (DSP Manager stuff mostly)
  • Updated version to build 36 to sync with AOKP build structure


  • Removed MusicFX in favor of DSP Manager (please report any bugs)
  • Removed prebuilt Dev Tools in favor of source built
  • Added CM9 Music app from source (please report any bugs)
  • Prepare for inline kernel building for fascinatemtd (Glitchy goodness!)
  • Merged latest applicable AOKP/CM9 upstream commits
  • NOTE: BusyBox 1.20 has been causing issues for some users, you can find a working BusyBox 1.19.4 flashable zip in the /busybox/ folder in the nightlies section. I will work on getting this incorporated at least until the issues with 1.20 are worked out.


  • Merged “T-Mobile Theme Engine” which allows for user-selectable themes similar to the old CM7 utility
  • (PCB Themes coming soon to the T-Mobile Theme Engine!)
  • Added PCB icon for “Themes” within Settings
  • Merged latest AOKP upstream commits
  • Added Glitch inline kernel building for SGS series phones (captivate/galaxys etc.)
  • Fixed a small issue within the LatinIME Keyboard theme (small ‘text hints’ were too dark in top-right corner of top row of keys)


  • Styled the LatinIME keyboard! (fixes/optimizations still may need to be made)
  • PCB Wallpaper App added
  • PCB Live Wallpaper added (work-in-progress)
  • Latest Apex + Nova Launchers are included
  • File Manager built from source
  • DSP Manager built from source
  • Fixed null/no-signal icon (was originally stock icon if you didn’t have reception at all)
  • Fixed a few HDPI issues with Popup/Dialog boxes and Bottom Menu graphic glitches
  • Optimized certain images (signal strength, etc.) with thanks to chevycam94’s effort


  • Second nightly build
  • Again, probably not much new, and note that if there are no nightly changelogs for a particular day, it just means there were no notable changes
  • Also, comments will be enabled for nightly builds so issues can be tracked easily


  • First nightly!
  • Not much would be different from R1-M5
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