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PCB Themes for Android

What is AOKPCB?

This project is a representation of the benefits that open source brings. Using the Android ROM source of Team Kang, we bring you a rock-solid, feature-rich ROM, topped off with a serving of PCB goodness that gives your device a very unique look.

We plan on adding more features and modifications as the ROM progresses, so feel free to leave us suggestions via the forum threads or by using our Contact Form.

Latest AOKPCB News


  • A solid, clean ROM, built from AOKP Source
  • Latest PCB Blue Theme + Companion App built-in
    • Extensive SystemUI + framework-res edits
    • Background on Status + Navigation Bars
    • Notification pulldown menu + list items styled extensively
    • New Status Bar icons (Wi-Fi, BT, others coloured ICS blue)
    • New Circle Battery Icon with improved charging animation (0% [ red --> yellow --> green --> blue ] 100%)
    • Background image behind Navbar softkeys (on touch, if not overridden by ROM Control)
    • All Popups/Dialog boxes styled, and orange changed to ICS blue
    • New icons in Settings and ROM Control
    • Phone keypad buttons styled
    • Custom PCB default keyboard (LatinIME)
    • Contacts slightly modded with blue PCB header
    • Android Robot replaces default unknown caller/contact
  • Custom made Android 8-bit Arcade bootanimation with sound!
    » credits for boot sound: "The Scene Is Dead" - Dubmood^RAZOR1911:
  • File Manager & Dev Tools built-in
  • Latest Apex + Nova Launchers (choose whichever you'd like as default)
  • AOKPCB Wallpapers App with many custom PCB wallies by scar45
  • Live Wallpaper (WIP)
  • Extra Bacon
  • Fueled with Broccoli
  • *TIP* » Apps/Widgets + Themes that look nice with AOKPCB:


Release, Nightly, or Theme Chooser?

Here at Team Broccoli, we like to provide you, the power user, with the latest bleeding-edge products that we can provide. This means that we offer two lines of AOKPCB, both 'official releases' and nightlies, as well as a stand-alone version of the PCB Theme.

Releases are deemed to be of utmost quality and stability, at least to the best point that we can make them (don't expect them to always be flawless). If you're looking for a daily driver ROM, you'll want to choose this one. Updates will not come as often, however.

Nightlies contain our latest experimental recipe, which can include new features, mods, theme elements, etc. These versions are compiled automatically by our buildbox every night, and are possibly not as stable or well-tested as the 'official' Releases of AOKPCB. Be forewarned!

Theme Chooser versions are compatible with ANY ROM that supports the CM/T-Mobile Theme Engine. This version of PCB is 'portable', meaning you don't have to use AOKPCB in order to enjoy the theme.

We're on Github!

AOKPCB is completely open source, meaning that you can clone/fork our projects and build AOKPCB yourself. Find our team page on Github here --> AOKPCB by Team Broccoli.

Getting started with Git can be confusing, but we highly recommend reading their help section, which has easy-to-learn examples of basic Git functions that should be enough to get you going.

Ultra-brief HOWTO for downloading the AOKPCB manifest:
(thx ProTekk) » Show more details »

Install the required packages (skip if you've already done this)

sudo apt-get install curl git-core gnupg flex bison gperf libsdl1.2-dev libesd0-dev libwxgtk2.6-dev squashfs-tools build-essential zip curl libncurses5-dev zlib1g-dev sun-java6-jdk pngcrush schedtool g++-multilib lib32z1-dev lib32ncurses5-dev lib32readline5-dev gcc-4.3-multilib g++-4.3-multilib

Make directory for repo binary

mkdir ~/bin

Add directory for repo binary to your path


Download repo binary and place it in the proper directory

curl https://dl-ssl.google.com/dl/googlesource/git-repo/repo > ~/bin/repo

Give the repo binary the proper permissions

chmod a+x ~/bin/repo

Create directory for where the AOKPCB repo will be stored and synced

mkdir ~/aokpcb

Move to our new AOKPCB directory

cd ~/aokpcb

Initialize the AOKPCB repo and download the manifest

repo init -u https://github.com/AOKPCB/platform_manifest.git -b ics

Sync AOKPCB source

repo sync -jX (where X is number of cores)


Flash this as you would a normal ROM .zip! More instructions coming soon.